Decoding the Vision


At Elavate Modular, we can help answer your questions and provide direction whether you are ready to get started or simply explore various options. Discussion topics might include the construction site, desired design elements, budget, scheduling, transportation and other expectations of modular construction. We can help in recommending Architects and General Contractors, along with other consultants such as Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers as needed. Give us a call today to discuss your project.

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Desiging the Vision


During the design phase, we collaborate with your architects and engineers to finalize the plans and specifications along with providing input as to the constructability of your project. Our staff can help with interior finish selections in reaching choices that fit within your desired budget. We would help with the logistics of travel, delivery and setting your home with regards to those contractors doing the work and help to ensure you are aware of those costs prior to starting construction. Once these aspects are in place, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of factory construction and contract documents.

Innovation & Excellence

Factory Construction

Construction of the modules, after the permits have been approved, begins with initial confirmation of purchases. And then, our team of experienced craftsmen take great care in the building of your modern home. Paying attention to detail leading to a quality getting built on time. We will communicate with you throughout the factory process, sharing photos and videos at the various stages of construction. We invite you to visit our factory during the construction process to view your home as it is built and then hope to have a final visit prior to shipment to ensure the modules meet your expectations.

Speed & Precision

Delivery & Completion

After shipment has been approved, the modules will be transported from our factory to your home site. We will work with the local contractor to coordinate the delivery and setting of the modules on your foundation. The modules are usually set in one day with a crane, creating an exciting event for the local community. Elavate representatives will be on site to help with logistics and any other questions during the setting process. Over the next few weeks, the site contractor will complete any necessary exterior and interior finishes and we will be available for questions until your new home is ready. Elavate employee’s remain in communication and support throughout and leading up to the eventual move in of the client.

Our Process

Building Your Future

Deciding to go modular is both a innovative and efficient decision. Here at Elavate we work to make sure that you are satisfied with your experience by educating you through the whole process. Modular building has been around for a long time, and as we move into the future prefabricated construction will continue to become more common. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of the modular construction.

The Design

In designing a modular project, you’ll find advantages allowing you to be more efficient with resources and time. One of the more powerful benefits within the design process is a built in sense of predictability. Different than a site built project, modular forces us to make most, if not all decisions prior to construction. This helps reduce the amount of change orders along with the struggles of “unknowns” during construction.

Protection for Your Home

Choosing to build modular allows for your home to be protected throughout the entire construction process. The facility serves as protection against weathering and related delays due to inclement weather. Since our employees are with your project from start to finish, they take additional steps and care at every step during construction. Projects in the factory tend to be finished at a higher level and with more care and confidence.

Protection for the Environment

A traditional construction site allows for many opportunities that either damage or pollute your site environment. Modular construction allows for a controlled environment that is more energy efficient. The factory also enables us to reduce waste and properly dispose of it. The predictability of modular construction along with various control points, help minimize the typical impacts that construction has to our environment.

We Value Client Trust

After the mods are set and years have passed, we often return to the site and continue to help in the building and living experience. We love that years later, we still get to partner and help take care of our clients. We have built our company on Trust and Excellence.

One of our early projects, The Valdez Home, we had a moment of realization that has helped us forge a key part of who we are as a business. Trust. The Valdez family told us they trusted us early on. This made the process so much more rewarding through each phase. Throughout we not only began to realize what it took to garner trust and respect but how to keep it. Consistent excellence and communication. Now, years later, we enjoy watching every building block of a mod going into place because we know what it really represents: strong healthy, lifelong relationships.